The following is a list of people who have either directly or indirectly helped the Advanced Search Sidebar project along. Many thanks to all of them for helping out.

Alex Sirota - for code 'borrowed' from his SearchPluginHacks to help with deleting plugins

Robert Fernandes - for code 'borrowed' from a posting of his on the netscape.public.mozilla.general newsgroup which helped with the Next/Previous buttons

Luca Pedrazzi (pedro) - for improving the localisation and contributing the it-IT locale to the project. He is also a member of the eXtenZilla team

Antonio de Urquia (urko) - for updating the es-ES locale to the project.

Philip Chee - for updating the code and making it compatible with Seamonkey. Take a look at his Mozdev project xSidebar, which is brings a Firefox style sidebar to Seamonkey.

The searchsidebar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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